Sources: LeBron James Underwent Hairline Platelet Therapy in Off-Season

James recovering in hospital following off-season procedure to repair damaged hairline.

James recovering in hospital after undergoing off-season procedure to repair damaged hairline.

LeBron James underwent plasma-rich platelet therapy on his arthritic hairline during the off-season, according to sources close to the two-time champion.

As The Bluffington Roach recently reported, James battled chronic hairline soreness last season. The soreness was the result of a hairline-fracture-of-the-hairline injury that James suffered early in his career.

James held out hope that the platelet therapy would do for his hairline what it did for Kobe Bryant’s arthritic right knee in 2011. Thus far, the procedure seems to have worked out pretty well for James.

PRP treatments are no longer shrouded in the same level of mystery that they were when Bryant first got his knee done. In fact, scores of professional athletes have received similar treatments here in the U.S since that time.

But, James was the first person in the world to receive the therapy on his hairline, and the FDA is still vague on its guidelines regarding the manipulation of hair tissue. Thus, he had to venture to Germany for the procedure.

“It looked like Kobe jumped straight out of the fountain of youth when he got his knee done. And, he went strong on it for more than two years — despite his age,” a source close to James tells BluffRo . “We know this probably won’t last forever, but ‘Bron is hoping to get a good three or four more years out of his hairline.”

The reigning MVP initially considered getting an outright hair-transplant but felt that the PRP therapy was better suited to help repair his severely damaged hair tissue. PRP therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves extracting blood from a patient’s arm and spinning that blood on a centrifuge — in order to isolate rich blood platelets.

The isolated platelets are then injected into the site of the damaged area via ultrasound technology. The platelets are supposed to help stimulate tissue repair in the targeted area. Definitive conclusions on the effectiveness of the treatment have yet to be reached, and not every recipient of the treatment displayed the same level of improvement as Bryant did. Just look at Andrew Bynum.

James knew that Bryant’s remarkable recovery likely had as much to do with the PRP treatment as it did with his superb work ethic and superior will to win. With that understanding, James took an extremely diligent and dedicated approach to rehabbing his hairline during the off-season.

Sources say that James also investigated the dietary habits of Bryant, and other diet-conscious athletes such as pro-football star, Tony Gonzalez. Many athletes overlook the damage that sugar, salt, and saturated fats inflict on the nerves, muscles, and tissues — as they rob the body’s blood and cells of vital nutrients and hydration. Thus, James reportedly overhauled his entire eating regimen.

James is said to be pleased with the progress of the injury, and members of his camp say that his hairline hasn’t looked this good since high school.

“His hairline looks 10 years younger. The medical staff cut down his barber treatments to four times a week,” a source tells BluffRo. “And, I’m not supposed to tell you guys this. But, lately he’s been getting up and down the court in practice without the aid of a headband brace.”

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