New Book Looks at the High-Stakes Drama of Office Politics in the Fast Food Industry

Cover of Dominique Frazier's new book "Double-Drama Wit Cheese: I'll Take Lies Wit Dat."

Cover of Dominique Frazier’s new book “Double-Drama Wit Cheese: I’ll Take Lies Wit Dat.” Photo By D.M. Notsquiat

An Onx woman is set to release a new tell-all book Thursday that explores the office politics played behind the cash registers of some of America’s favorite fast food joints.

Double-Drama Wit Cheese: I’ll take Lies Wit Dat chronicles the career of Dominique Frazier and her struggle to overcome office politics while working behind the counter of some of the highest-profile fast food establishments in the country — Burger Fling, Grease Castle, Mammy’s Fried Chicken Shack and the list goes on.

The book doesn’t contain the type of content that some might expect. It doesn’t discuss issues such as unfair wages, poor working conditions, erratic hours, or mistreatment by management. Nor does it call-out these mega corporations for selling low quality food to millions of people every day.

Fortunately however, it is heavy on the drama.

Frazier, 31, said she was inspired to write the book after reading Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine “Superhead” Steffans — a book which chronicles the rigors of being an entertainment industry cum-bucket.

“OMG! She is so brave. She ain’t afraid to be her own woman and chase that paper no matter what the haters say,” Frazier tells The Bluffington Roach. “She gave me the courage to tell my story.”

Here’s an excerpt from the book where Frazier recalls a conversation she had with a manager at Burger Fling about being late:

I told dude straight up. I’m not one of these little ditzy bitches running around here that don’t know what she’s doing. I know what I’m doing. When I get on, I move like clockwork. There’s nobody on the drive-through shift that can match my productivity level. So, I’m like, ‘why you beefin about me being 20-30 minutes late a few times a week?’ I’m about my paper regardless.

In another excerpt, Frazier talks about being betrayed by one of her home-girls on the job. The woman slept with a fellow male coworker, whom Frazier had already been dating for three weeks.

I had met this girl named Brenda on the job back when I worked at Mammy’s Fried Chicken Shack. She was supposed to be my bitch. We hit it off right away. We went to clubs, got our hair and nails done together, watched Hoes and Hip-Hop: Macrapolis, and all that. We was ride or die for like four months.

Then this dude named Elijah started working there. He used to work biscuits and drumsticks. I can’t front he was fine as shit — mad swag, tatted , dope shoes, always wit a fresh cut , popped bottles in the club and all that. She knew I was feelin’ him. I mean, I had been flirting with him for like a week-and-a-half. We started dating after that for like three weeks – Facebook-official and all that. I was really in love with the dude.

He took me out to eat one night – at the job, after our shift. While we was waiting for the food, he went to the bathroom. Nigga slipped up and left his phone. Why I see a text from Brenda talking about ‘I can’t wait for the D tonight?’

I was beyond hurt. I wasn’t even mad at Elijah ‘cause a nigga gonna do what a nigga gonna do. I’m a ride-or-die chick, so it’s whatever. But her? I’m like this nigga just started working here and she giving it up. No, boo! I’m classy! All that nigga was getting was hand-jobs and blowjobs ‘till I knew it was real.

From that point on, I knew I couldn’t trust anyone in the game anymore.

The novel will be out Thursday. It will be available in limited supply exclusively at Aunt Berta’s Chicken and Soul Food in Warningsign Heights for $9.99. Frazier said she’s currently working on a sequel to Double Drama Wit Cheese: I’ll Take Lies Wit Dat tentatively titled Ass or Credit: Charge that to the Game.

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