Rapper Stirs Up Controversy With New Song Ranting About Treating Women Respectfully

Rapper After-NUN discusses controversial new single, "No Disrespect," with Rhyme City: The Attic host OG Gebs.

Rapper After-NUN (left) discusses controversial new single, “No Disrespect,” with Rhyme City: The Attic host, OG Gebs.

Outspoken lyricist, After-NUN (af-ter-noon), sparked controversy and outrage yesterday with the release of his latest single “No Disrespect.”

The controversial track is the lead single off of NUN’s controversial new album, Better World . In the song, NUN rants about the need for rappers, and men in general, to consider treating women more respectfully.

And now critics of the controversial track are calling for radio stations and hip-hop fans across the country to boycott the single because of its “preachy” and “misogynistic” content.

Here are a few lines from the song that landed NUN in hot water:

“Never realized that bar you boosted could set a dame aflame/
Made the next Super Queen Sousa pull up hard and switch lanes/
Got her putting more lift into bras never brain/
Fast running out of gas, knees scarred and insane/
Recklessly pouring out lyrics to hit star and run game/
Thought you was breathing fire, but was really aborting planes/
Two flops, no hops, grounded by fame/
Whole tavern in tatters so rapper could run train/
All along quotin a broken-winged boein/
Un-identified victims never realized the boy was impotent

“We appreciate NUN’s consistent efforts to offer thoughtful social commentary in his music. Unfortunately, this song contributes far more harm than good to the women’s rights struggle,” Gloria Wallace, executive director of women’s rights group, Breaking Black Men’s Chains, tells The Bluffington Roach.

Wallace, a Caucasian women’s rights activist, contends that NUN is treating women as objects in the song. She’s disturbed by the rapper’s apparent suggestion that a man’s words and actions have the power to dictate the direction of a woman’s life.

“If I were black, I’d be outraged. This is really just another example of the black man putting himself in front of the black woman,” Wallace says. “Women in this song are depicted as dependent objects. As if a woman’s fate and well-being is contingent upon whatever direction a man decides to lead her in. Black women cannot afford to condone this thinly veiled rallying cry for male supremacy.”

The passionate activist says that it’s arrogant of NUN to assume that it’s appropriate for him to voice the grievances of a woman. She also accuses NUN of trying to control the black woman’s sexuality.

“It’s not his place to speak for black women. And, it’s not for him to dictate what the black woman does with her body,” Wallace says. “It’s offensive for him to suggest that women somehow ruin themselves if they openly and freely share their sexuality. These are our vaginas, not yours!”

Twitter also chimed in on the controversial single:

SMH…This nigga always bringing some negativity to game. EVERYTHING od wack since The Dope album #sorrynotsorry – @MyndBigga

WTF happened to this guy. Weak content, lyrics, and everything. Attention-whore-ass-nigga #OldNuBack- @trillskripts47

His arrogance is getting old quick. I don’t need a rapper tellin me who I can fuk. #MyBody #MyVagina – @gotmyownz69

Lolz dis nigga gay? Nigga do a song tellin niggaz not to fuk bitches. LMFAO. #FaggusAssNegus #MyBody

Pleeeassseee can we get the old NUN back. Less preachy more rappy my nigga. #OldNuBack – @CommonCureAtor

Great piece on how After-NUN actually disrespected women with misogynistic song calling for men to respect women. #MyBody #MyVagina bit.ly/ghxy – @warriorsteinem

NUN is no stranger to controversy. He sparked controversy back in 2010 when he suggested that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the European slaughter of Native Americans was more horrific than the scene in Titanic where Jack sacrifices his life to save Rose on that raft.

“No Disrespect” caused such a stir yesterday that Black Face Television decided to host an emergency summit on its afternoon hip-hop countdown show “Rhyme City: The Attic Live.” Tuesday’s episode was originally supposed to feature rap superstar Young SuckSexFull, who was slated to drop off the video for his new smash single, “Super-Soakin Hoes Wit My Dick Milk.”

But, the network postponed the appearance in order to address the fall-out surrounding “No Disrespect.” NUN stopped by the show to discuss the controversial track. He attempted to explain himself to fans and critics who were desperate for answers.

“I was just trying to offer my small take on the issue. I never imagined, in a trillion eons, that it’d be thought of as something negative,” NUN said. “These rap songs are in the ears of little boys and girls all day, every day. This was meant as a challenge to my colleagues to accept responsibility for the role this music plays in shaping young minds. Now I honestly wish that I would’ve never even made the song.”

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