Shock Story: Female Club-Goer Looks to Bathroom Attendant for Pull

The bathroom area has been cordoned of as Top Shelf Nightclub investigates the grisly bagging.

Top Shelf Nightclub has cordoned off the bathroom area of the club as it investigates the grisly bagging. *Photo by D.M. Notsquiat.

A female club-goer actually attempted to gain pull at a nightclub Saturday by flirting with the club’s bathroom attendant, witnesses say.

It was Latisha “Ti-Ti” Smith’s 26th birthday. She had arranged earlier in the week to celebrate her birthday at Top-Shelf Nightclub in Panhattan. Apparently she thought her friends would be able to get in for free all night. But when some of them arrived late on Saturday, club personnel denied them free entry — claiming that they were only good up until midnight.

A male witness says the heinous incident occurred at approximately 1:33 a.m. That’s when he saw Smith engaged in a conversation with the club’s bathroom attendant. He alleges that Rollin Handwyer, a 32-year-old veteran restroom-helper, and Smith were talking near the entrance of the ladies room.

Phil Maddox, a 23-year-old resident of East Macrapolis in Clarkelyn, says he witnessed the attendant exchange phone numbers with Smith. He allegedly overheard the attendant promising to “hook” Smith and her friends “up” if they ever decided to party at Top Shelf again.

Dumbfounded, Maddox turned to the dude waiting next to him on the bathroom line for confirmation. The dude returned an equally perplexed look.

“That’s the wildest convo I’ve heard in a minute,” Maddox tells The Bluffington Roach. “This chick really tried to get the club hook-up through the soap and paper-towel guy. No disrespect to what he do, but I mean…”

According to Maddox:

The improbable connection was sparked off by Smith’s visible anger. She loudly vented to her friend about the club and its staff while she waited on line for the bathroom.

“Do these bitches know who the fuck I am? This little raggedy ass club ain’t shit. I’ll buy this whole spot out,” Smith allegedly told her friend. “That corny-ass nigga at the door better stop playing with me. I’ll fuck his whole life up.”

The men’s and the ladies rooms are too small at Top-Shelf for an attendant to stand inside. So, Handwyer had his station — which was lined with paper-towels, $1 pieces of gum, and $2 peppermints — set up on a wall in-between the entrance of the two restrooms.

Due to the close set-up, Handwyer had a front-row view of Smith’s tirade. Right before Smith entered the bathroom — she hocked and spat into his trash bin. And, that’s when Handwyer began plotting his attack.

Perhaps it was the bulging flesh seeping through her three-sizes-too-small backless top. Or, maybe it was her skin-tight skirt, which partially revealed the folds of her butt cheeks. Or, it could’ve been her shimmering, rhinestone-encrusted birthday tiara.

Whatever it was, something enticed Handwyer to turn up the charm. We reached out to him for an account of how he laid his mac-game down. This is what he had to say:

I’m in the back of the club by the restrooms doing what I do or whatever. Getting that bread, yah dig? I’m a smooth nigga; so of course I be rapping the joints up all night. They stay hitting me back with the smiles, waves, may I’s and thank yous.

It’s nothing though. That’s the norm.

So, like 1:30 rolls around. By that time, I’m in full g-mode. I go to give this dude a paper towel to dry his hands or whatever, when I seen shorty come out the ladies room.

I peeped her while she was waiting on line to use the bathroom. I was like ‘yoooo she’s bad as shit.’ She had this sexy black top on with the back out, and the cake was looking O.D. right.

So, I tell the dude I’m handing the paper towel to, to kindly step to the side so I can go at shorty. Then I hit her with the craziest line. I was like ‘Ma you wet as hell (cause her hands was wet or whatever). Is there anything I can do to help you with that? Of course she start smiling back and all that.

She looked wild pissed before that though, and I’m like ‘shorty your ass too fat to be mad like that.’ I need to see you smile? I caressed her chin as I said it too — on some true smooth nigga shit.

Then she told me how the doorman was bullshitting and shit. Nigga made her peoples pay at the door. The crazy thing about it was, she said she was wit like four other joints just as bad as her. Like, how you gonna make the bad joints pay to get in? That’s bad business right there.

I’m like these door niggas be wilin’. So I was like, ‘shorty take down my number and hit me up next time you roll through so I can handle that.’ She took it down, gave me hers, smiled, thanked me, and threw a dollar in my tip-basket. Light work.

BluffRo reached out to Smith multiple times to confirm Handwyer’s account, but we were unable to get in contact with her. It’s still unclear how large of a role alcohol played in the incident or whether Handwyer, or any other restroom attendant for that matter, can actually have “pull” at a club.

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